Chronologie du monde de Golarion

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Chronologie du monde de Golarion

Message  Mélina le Lun 6 Fév - 12:21

Un échange intéressant sur la chronologie de Golarion et des aventures qui s'y déroulent.
D'après l'auteur, je résume, le défaut d'une chronologie mouvante style Royaumes oubliés est de contraindre à la fois les joueurs et les créateurs d'aventures. Donc le sujet est laissé très souple, au gré des MJ pour le faire évoluer.
L'inconvénient d'un mode "gelé" c'est que soit il manque de cohérence, soit le MJ a un boulot énorme à le faire bouger lui-même.

so there really is a time line? So would it be advised to rune RoTRL, curse of the crimson throne, jade regent, shattered star, in that order?


   Oh wow so there really is a time line?

The short answer to this question is ... kind of. There is a timeline, but it's more of a developer bookkeeping thing than a traditional timeline.

See, the developers at Paizo are trying really hard to limit or avoid the problem that Forgotten Realms, Dragonlance, the old World of Darkness, and other games with a metaplot and advancing timeline ran into. It ends up being a mess for designers trying to publish material on a moving timeline, and it's a pain in the butt for players and DMs who naturally find their home games drifting further away from the "canon" timeline or have new material complicating what they've done.

If there is too much of a timeline/metaplot it ends up severely limiting published adventures, which are the bread and butter of a company like Paizo. You end up having to produce minor adventures that don't impact the larger campaign world. "Big" adventures that actually impact the world end up being crap like the infamous "Randal Morn" trilogy from 2ed Forgotten Realms, where the players are basically eye-witnesses to major NPCs doing stuff that the players can't really impact or change.

So the official stance is that the campaign setting for Pathfinder is presented as a "snapshot in time" (currently The Inner Sea World Guide) and that the official timeline never advances until you play an adventure path in your home game, in which case it advances at the speed of your campaign in the order you run things.

Everything is set up so the world effectively remains "in stasis" until a home DM decides to work in a given area. Galt will be in perpetual revolution, Bevoy will remain on the cusp of civil war, the Stolen Lands will remain empty and filled with bandits, firearms will be rare outside of Alkenstar, the Fourth Crusade will have stalled in Mendev, the demons of the Worldwound will lurk, and queen Elvanna will sit on her throne and plot against Baba Yaga.

With very few exceptions (notably Jade Regent and Shattered Star) there is no proper order in which these events have to occur. They are all written in such a way as they are isolated to their specific areas and don't affect the larger world.

On paper, there is a timeline. The campaign timeline began in 2007 (4707 AR, in Game). Adventure Paths "begin" the year they were published ... but in the vast majority of cases that is just a paperwork formality because the official timeline only runs as late as 4711 (the year the Inner Sea World Guide snapshot was taken) and even that timeline doesn't show any of the previous adventure paths. The only reference to a former AP on the official timeline is mention that Queen Ileosa takes over as regent of Korvosa when her husband dies.

TL;DR The timeline is used by the developers to keep things organized in their heads, but with very few exceptions the adventures and adventure paths can be run in any order, in any year, at any time.

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